Vital technical assistance at a moment’s notice: like having your own expert staff on the spot.

It makes sound business sense to outsource your data centre support and assistance to Optimum Data Centre Services. We offer a reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective solution that will ensure seamless, smooth control, round the clock.

Support to meet your unique needs

The exact specification of your support can be custom-configured to meet your unique Data Centre needs. The secret is our custom-designed Remote Hands software. Thanks to this, Optimum customers have total confidence that any hardware disruptions will be rapidly resolved.

Maximum uptime is always assured, because a phone call or email message will quickly connect you to a skilled Technician, trained to resolve virtually any issue – simple or complex – from resetting a switch to equipment troubleshooting.

At any time of the day or night, our certified and experienced data centre Technicians can answer your queries, do emergency troubleshooting, or even visit your rack to carry out hardware replacements or resolve issues that cannot be dealt with remotely.

Data Centre Service examples

  • Off-site or on-site technical assistance and troubleshooting
  • Equipment installations and configurations
  • Ladder-racking; and pre-wiring of patch panels and equipment
  • Interface card removals, installations and configurations
  • Media testing for continuity and proper signalling
  • Providing visual verifications to assist in remote troubleshooting
  • Changing-out faulty equipment peripherals such as network cards, power supply units, hard disks, and memory
  • Power-cycling routers, servers and switches; and soft-booting servers
  • Adding, removing and verifying demarcations
  • Media management, with audit trail
Data center hero

Data center hero

Cool, calm and connected. When there‘s an alert, there’s no time to waste. It might be a false alarm but we never ignore warning signs. Duty engineer Luis drops everything to attend. Disaster averted!