Optimum is a lean machine. We have the power to improve processes and save energy. The objective: peak performance.

Sustainable performance is the goal. By examining the full cycle of your building’s energy usage and output we gather the facts and figures needed to devise a better strategy.

Saving energy saves you money

Our specialist expertise enables us to re-engineer the way you manage energy consumption. Following an audit, we can develop for you energy-driven solutions that can dramatically reduce energy consumption and directly translate into lower overheads and higher profits. In short, Optimum energy efficiency solutions will save you money.

Energy saving is not something that we add on as an afterthought. We factor it in to every project – large or small – from an early stage, and we find that our advanced technology and software are invaluable in helping us to identify and quantify potential energy savings.

Bespoke solutions

Because every business is unique, our energy-trained Engineers follow a bespoke approach to first ascertain your business and building needs, and then identify and reduce wastage. We use intelligent data to fully demonstrate the business case and financial savings that can be achieved by making energy-saving adjustments to your system, or by investing in new technology. The data can also help us to detect wear on components, allowing potential failures to be pre-empted and reducing the risk of system failure.

Healthy benefits

In many instances, regular routine servicing of plant and equipment, together with some staff training to ensure the adoption of good practices, are sufficient to generate valuable energy savings. In other cases, upgrading to new technologies can optimise performance and save energy to an extent that rapidly gives you an enticing ROI. It all adds up to a better bottom line, and a healthier environment.


Energy saving

Energy saving

Apart from being a very skilled Engineer, Ryan is a software genius. He uses his energy efficiency expertise in conjunction with various computer programs to search diligently for energy saving solutions in some quite unexpected areas.