Because in hard services, one size doesn’t fit all, we have created Optimum Maintenance Standards, a series of bespoke enhancements that ensure each customer benefits from higher performance and lower failure rates.

Optimum Maintenance Standards recognise that each customer’s environment is unique. The objective of OMS is to identify vulnerabilities and then take action to reduce failure rates.

Industry leader

Our methodology when a job is mobilised is to assess the site for the criticality of the specific assets. Another potential cost saving benefit is extended maintenance intervals. To achieve these and other improvements, we are committed to using advanced technology and training our people to the highest possible standards. We believe that our enhanced maintenance methodologies and increased training provision position us as the industry leader for engineering standards and training.

Enhanced maintenance

Optimum Maintenance Standards cover enhanced maintenance regimes such as condition-based monitoring, reliability centred maintenance, and business-focused maintenance. There is also a range of innovative techniques that can be deployed in a monitoring and maintenance context, such as enhanced monitoring, shock pulse monitoring, vibration analysis, and thermography. These and a variety of other technologies help us to monitor the operation of critical mechanical and electrical equipment.

Proactive prevention

By analysing gathered data, lifecycle trending and bespoke reports can be produced, enabling the identification of plant that will soon fail or exceed acceptable tolerances. Armed with this kind of information, the site Support Team can implement preventative actions to avert catastrophic failures, and also schedule repairs and renewals in a timely manner.

Forward thinker

Forward thinker

Senior Engineer Jim is always on the lookout for ways to make a job even better before completion. So maybe he‘ll paint the plant-room floor, or insulate some unprotected pipe work. It doesn’t matter if they‘re not on the spec. He’ll do them anyway.