Optimum Management Information System (Opti-MIS) is a very powerful real-time data-capture system that saves time and adds value.

Within their contract, at no additional cost, all Optimum customers benefit from web-based access to our innovative Opti-MIS software environment.

Developed by Optimum, Opti-MIS is regularly upgraded with enhancements suggested by both clients and our own engineers. We work closely with our developers to introduce new features and improve functionality in order to meet and exceed our customers’ evolving expectations.

Opti–MIS training and a comprehensive manual are provided free of charge. Although use permits need to be purchased, depending on the user’s requirements, they are inexpensive.


Access to Opti-MIS adds significant value to your contract with Optimum Group Services. Here are just some of the ways our clients have benefited from this system:

  • As a web-based system, Optimum’s clients have the flexibility to access Opti-MIS from the office, at home or on the move to review service delivery and statutory compliance.
  • A range of access levels are available within the system to protect client confidentiality.
  • Clients and on-site teams can both view the system’s shift log module so that all parties have transparency of the status of work.
  • Key documents, such as emergency operating procedures and local escalation plans, are easily accessible by the engineering team and clients alike.
  • Clients have full visibility of all ongoing expenditure, which can be broken down to an individual asset level.
  • Engineers and Building Managers can keep an eye on forthcoming service requirements of critical assets and have access to historical service logs and call-out documents.
  • The training matrix module can be used to highlight any gaps that may exist as a result of a TUPE transfer of the site team.
  • By recording and publishing KPIs, compliance to agreed contractual objectives is clearly demonstrated and recorded.
  • Opti-MIS is hosted on a dedicated external server which is regularly backed up to ensure that client data is secure and easily-retrievable.


Clients can request any of the following functionality for their Opti-MIS account:

  • Shift Log Module: to record daily actions and updates.
  • Site Documents:  to store client-specific manuals and reports.
  • Finance Module:  to provide auditable records of client expenditure against individual assets.
  • Critical Maintenance Planner:  to record the service frequency and repairs of critical assets.
  • Training Matrix:  to show qualifications and training plans for on-site engineers.
  • Key Performance Indicators:  to demonstrate compliance to agreed contractual objectives.
  • Risk Radar:  to highlight possible engineering risks and associated mitigation strategies.
  • Quote Tracker:  to monitor and manage the delivery of additional work requirements.
  • Mobilisation Planner:  bespoke action plan for mobilising a new contract or project.
  • Audit Tracker Library:  to carry out site-specific or contract-specific compliance audits.
  • Scenario Training:  to store site-specific training tasks and bespoke local procedures.