At Optimum, technology provides an arsenal of vital tools that enable us to bring about improvements for customers on the basis of carefully measured and evaluated real-life information.

We use technology for much more than mere number crunching. We use it to bring a significant extra dimension to our customer offer, and it also opens the door to valuable energy savings.

Our secret weapon

The key technological tool that gives us an advantage over our competitors is Opti-MIS, a bespoke web-based management information system that we have developed, specifically for Optimum customers.

Knowledge is power

By gathering data across customers’ sites before and after carrying out work, we capture a clear snapshot of the real benefits gained. The ‘before’ data also gives us a guide to the specific areas that have room for improvement. And the ‘after’ data can be added to over time, to help in pinpointing potential system weak points and enable preventative measures to be taken well before any problems occur.

We also use technology to model and plan processes, so that we can test in advance the likely cost and system benefits to be gained by taking a certain course of action. Alternative solutions can be compared in ways that take account of all lifetime costs, even the hidden ones, such as the cost of decommissioning at end of life; and including factors that make comparisons difficult, such as the varying life spans of two differing solutions.

Problem solver

Problem solver

Our skilled, quietly confident specialist Engineers - such as Ben here - have the knowledge, training and tools to avert disaster at the drop of a pressure meter. They‘re also great at devising strategies to keep customers’ HVAC systems constantly running at optimum performance levels.