Showcasing our data service delivery for Digital Realty

Service Delivery to Digital Realty following the divestment from Telecity Group.

Our original contract with Telecity started in 2011 following their divestment. They then split from Telecity to Equinix and ‘Divest/co’ on the 1st April 2016. Optimum have operated this contract since.

This was our chance to demonstrate our capability to DRT and really show what Optimum can offer. It was also a chance to build a long term relationship with DRT.

We showcased our internal management system Opti-MIS (Optimum Management Information System) to show how service delivery can be improved through the use of technology. The implementation of Opti-MIS was key to improving the service delivery on the contract and allowed us to demonstrate tangible improvements.

In-house training was also provided to our team, ensuring that our Shift Leaders are qualified HVAP. As a minimum, all remaining engineers are LVAP qualified and the whole team hold up to date H&S qualifications such as IOSH.

Following on from retaining the contract with Digital Realty, we have since been awarded a further one year extension with the hope of extending this further at the point of contract renewal.

Through our dedicated Critical DC Environment division, we are confident our relationship will continue to flourish through service excellence and a demonstrable history of delivering service improvements.

We are responsible for the entire M&E infrastructure to the following Digital Realty premises

  • Sovereign House, 227 Marsh Wall, London, E14 – Whole building
  • Meridian Gate, 215 Marsh Wall, London, El4 – Whole building
  • 1 Olivers Yard, London, E14 – Floors – Floors 5 & 6 inc plant areas
  • Telegraph House, London, E14 – Basement and roof area
  • Bonnington London, E14 – Whole Building
  • LD2, West Drayton UB7 – Sub-Contractors and Supply Chain only Sites and new floors will be added under the change management process

Our services to these premises

  • AC/DC Electrical installations including transformers, HV switchgear, electrical intake equipment, switch boards and cabling
  • Rectifiers and inverters
  • UPS, rotary UPS, standby by generators and associated fuel systems
  • Fire Alarm and HSSD systems
  • Fixed and portable firefighting equipment
  • Fire suppression water mist extinguishing system
  • Building Management Systems including SCADA(Hardware and Software)
  • Smoke extraction system and pressure relief systems
  • Security systems (CCTV, door alarms and access control)
  • Leak Detection systems
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation systems (Chillers, pumps, fans, ducts, pipe work and valves)
  • Electric gates, barriers, roller shutters
  • Water treatment (where the Client responsibility)

Client testimonial

“I would like to put my full support behind Optimum Group Services as an M&E service provider.

They have a very strong and flexible leadership team with an immense amount of both building service and critical engineering experience. This experience is passed on to the local teams who are the face of the company. They invest in their people so the guys on the ground are highly trained and motivated.

Gordon Solomon – Engineering Manager

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