Solving legacy defects for RDC

We worked to improve RDC’s on-site cooling plant’s reliability and increase its efficiency.

After taking on the contract at RDC, we inherited numerous legacy defects and continual failures of their on-site cooling plant.

Our challenge was to investigate and diagnose the faults and tackle the problems in order for us to set a stable baseline for the maintenance of RDC’s facilities going forward.

Our specialist engineer spent a significant amount of time on site liaising with the client and working through the defects in a systematic and methodical manner.

For this project, flexibility was key. Our conscientious team showed total commitment towards the RDC contract by completing tasks outside of remit in order to save time, increase efficiency and to ensure the project stayed on track.

The result of this project was that RDC had a cooling plant installation with increased reliability and efficiency. Our exceptional performance led to customer confidence in Optimum’s capability and service delivery. After completion, RDC sent an email thanking us for the positive outcome, specifically highlighting our on-site representative.