CHP energy savings for Regents Place

Broadgate Estates had a fault on the Combined Heating and Power (CHP) engine installed at 10 Brock Street. The goal was to get the system fully operational and realise energy savings.

Broadgate Estates had experienced numerous CHP faults over a one year period consisting mainly of engine problems and low electric generation output.

The challenge was repairing existing issues and then proving that our secondary heating system was operating as per design. We diagnosed an on-going engine fault and engaged our CHP specialist contractor to repair an intermittent engine mapping fault on the unit.

We replaced all four bellows with improved units on our secondary pumps. We then tested the flow rates on the secondary system and confirmed as per design. We also adjusted the primary heating flow temperature to better suit the CHP requirements.

Once we had optimised our secondary system we worked together with our CHP contractor to repair the fault with the engine mapping.

The CHP has been fully operational since 20 October 16 and has generated an extra 702,389 kWh equalling £70,239 compared to the previous year. As a result of Optimum’s work for Broadgate Estates, their Combined Heating & Power electric output was increased by 225%.

Client testimonial

“I was fully confident of the safety and progress at every stage.

We appreciate all the hard work, pre-planning and efforts employed by the team to ensure a successful and smooth running operation.”

Mick Redmond – Engineering Manager at Broadgate Estates, Regents Place

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