Optimising the lighting system for Regents Place

Broadgate Estates’ aim was to achieve energy savings through the reduction of running time and optimisation of their existing lighting system.

Broadgate Estates requested that all the lighting in common and landlord areas be reduced in lux output and that the run time for the lighting in these areas was reduced.

The task was very time consuming and had to be completed out of hours. Whilst working on the Simmtronic lighting system, it was noted that several non-maintained emergency lights activated in some areas. It was ascertained that this was due to the units not being correctly configured.

After we looked into the installed Simmtronic lighting system, one of our specialist trained lighting engineers performed changes to the configuration of the non maintained emergency lights. The lighting lux level ouputs and run time of the lighting system in the common areas was reduced in order to realise the desired energy savings.

After 6 months of monitoring the new system changes, the electric usage on lighting had reduced from 560,052 kWh in 2016 to 474,223 kWh in 2017, giving Broadgate Estates a saving of £8,582. The overall lighting consumption was reduced by an impressive 15%.

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