Switching T-Systems to an energy saving data centre

T-Systems was advised by the previous maintenance provider that all four of their installed chillers required replacement.

We carried out thorough dilapidation reports followed by repairs on all of T-Systems’ existing chillers and had them fully operational and running within the first month of the contract.

In addition to the repairs, T-Systems wanted one of their existing units to be replaced by a new, more energy efficient chiller. The challenge posed to us was how this replacement could be achieved within a live, operational Data Centre where there could be no impact or down time to any of the operational business.

Our on-site team created detailed plans of work for the duration of the project to ensure there would be no impact to any site operation.

We then carried out numerous validations and tests to identify the CHW flow rates and power consumption of the existing Chiller system. This allowed us to identify the most efficient Chiller on the market for the purpose.

The successful installation of T-Systems’ new Airedale TurboCor Chiller and BMS Strategy amendments resulted in an energy saving of £220,000 per annum.

Client testimonial

“During the tender period, we were experiencing significant issues with our chilled water system and plant.

From the very start of the contract, Optimum’s specialist engineers took no time to identify the issues and immediately set to resolving them.

Subsequently, during the hottest weeks of 2015, cooling levels were unaffected whilst still maintaining N+1 redundancy on all plant.”

Luke Atkins – Data Centre Critical Systems Engineer for T-Systems

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