Message from our CEO, Stewart Collier:

“Living in modern times we are all acutely aware of the challenges in our world; natural disasters, war and disease. Out of these situations we witness ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Our people at Optimum are no exception and are ready, willing and able to support and provide services to exceed client expectations. Our people are fully briefed on the Government’s guidance regarding Covid-19 social-distancing and will maintain a healthy-distance whilst on client sites. Naturally we are supporting those of our employees who are required to isolate, both through our employee assistance programme and via regular updates. In these unprecedented times we want you to know that we are doing everything possible to ensure that your building services are one less thing for you to worry about, we are in the business of keeping your building healthy and your people, safe. Optimum is here for you – please don’t hesitate to reach out.”

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