Optimum Group Services celebrates International Women’s Day 2019 To celebrate International Women’s Day we’ve spoken to four women in different roles and departments across Optimum Group Services. Read about their experiences working in the facilitates management industry.

Amanda Sadler , People Director at Optimum Group Services

“I joined Optimum Group Services for a new challenge as it was a completely new sector for me. It’s important as senior women in the business that we show just how much can be achieved. I joined Optimum in April 2017 as People Team Director, having worked in the HR profession for over 20 years across various industry sectors, both national and international. I’m now responsible for HR and Training and Development activities across the Group’s businesses. I started my career as a CIPD graduate and later achieved Masters degree in Employment Law. I also hold a public duty appointment as an Employment Tribunal panel member. I consider myself to be a true generalist but during my career I have specialised in Employment Relations, Recruitment and Talent and delivered numerous Change programmes.

“Having worked in Financial Services, Property, Mining & Metallurgy and Engineering/Construction industries which are predominantly male dominated environments, it’s great to see that Optimum has a growing number of women on its board of directors and that last year it recruited its first female HVAC apprentice. It’s important that myself and my female colleagues have the opportunity to influence at both operational and strategic levels and demonstrate the value that our contribution can achieve.”

Lisa Dudley Finance Manager at Optimum Group Services said:

“Optimum has been really supportive towards me and has helped me to get the work life balance I need with bringing up two sons. I have worked for Optimum for 10 years. I started as a single lady covering maternity leave in the contract support department. My contract was made permanent and I married in 2010 and after having my first son I returned to work in the finance department.

“Optimum has always supported me in flexible working, particularly when I went on to have my second son. The work life balance is so important.

“Optimum is a great place to build a career and there are so many different job choices, you can do anything you want. I’ve had a great career here so far and would wholeheartedly encourage anybody to have a look at the options available.”

Rebecca Homden, HVAC Engineer Apprentice- Optimum Group Services said:

“I joined Optimum last year on their apprentice scheme. When I qualify I will be their first ever female HVAC qualified Engineer. This is something I am incredibly proud of. The company has been very supportive of me, encouraging me with my college work as well as the day job.

“It is a male dominated industry, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do the job. I get along really well with all of my colleagues and feel that once qualified I’ll be encouraged to take the next step in my career, whatever it may be. I believe my managers want to see me succeed. I love working for Optimum and I love the people I work with.”

Kirsty Stevens, National Real Estate Contracts Director for Optimum Group Services
“My experience is that Optimum Group Services continues to make big steps in encouraging women to join the business and promote women at all levels. I joined the company in 2014 as a Contract Support and after gaining experience across the whole business including business unit co-ordinator, technical support and finance departments, my skills and experience have been recognised with my promotion to National Real Estates Contracts Director.

“I often get asked what it is like to work in a predominantly male industry such as facilities management. I have found that whilst working for Optimum I have been encouraged to take every opportunity available, enabling me to progress and take on the Director post I am in today. My male and female colleagues have also been really supportive and this makes a huge difference in promoting equality across the business.

“I am proud to work for a business that has an open and welcoming environment for everyone.”